Welcome to Fibica

Appealing to the masses, let Golden Eight’s mythical Fibica creature touch your heart and mind. Journey with the novel’s heroine, Ella, as she evolves from an innocent child into a young woman and learns to live and to breathe Fibical wisdom to a lost world. Read more

About Golden Eight

Recently experiencing a ventricular-tachycardia episode, this author is convinced that she survived the usually fatal occurrence in order to bring Fibica to the world. The author wants the character, Fibica, to be the main focus so the novel is penned under the pseudonym Golden Eight. There are a myriad of reasons for the chosen name. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

Heavenly perched on a whimsical branch, the celestial creature absorbed the Wisdom of the Universe. Known as Fibica to the Source, the secretive being motionlessly accepted Grace. Humbly disregarding its unique importance, Fibica was yet to enlighten another unsus­pecting soul. Read more

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ISBN: 9781608441297
144 pages
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